6. Competition

SpeedCalendar official competition

Official Competition 27th 2023/06/18 (Sun) 15:00-16:00 (Japan Standard Time, UTC +0900) 28th 2023/07/16 (Sun) 15:0...
2. Calendar knowledge

元号変換方法(Gengo – Western Year conversion method)

1. Service

SpeedCalendar now supports Japanese Gengo

The official Japanese system , Gengō (元号) , is now supported by SpeedCalendar.
6. Competition

[Announcement] Competition format changes

From the next competition (23rd official competition), competitors compete: 5 day single attempt once, and 1 minute...
6. Competition

13th SpeedCalendar official competition result (2022/04/17)

Competition Date: 17 Apr 2022 (Sun) Time: 9:00-10:00 (UTC+0900) Venue: Zoom Regulations: See regulations Record 5 days...
6. Competition

12th SpeedCalendar official competition result (2022/03/12)

Competition Date: 12 Mar 2022 (Sat) Time: 15:30-16:00 (UTC+0900) Venue: Zoom Regulations: See regulations Record 5 day...
3.2 Other Timer

SpeedCalendar Audio is released!

Now, SpeedCalendar Audio is officially released! This is a preliminary version, but you will see how it works. The featu...
3.2 Other Timer

[Release] Official Timer (2022/02 beta) released

To manage the competition result flexibly, the Database of SpeedCalendar timer will be switched from Google Spreadsheet ...
1. daily technique

Today is 2022/02/02!

如果你做了速度日历,你会得到以下的小信息! スピードカレンダー(曜日計算競技)をすると、いかのような豆知識が得られます! #速度日历 #计算星期几 #曜日計算 #暦計算 #メモリースポーツ
1. daily technique

[Fast Calculation] Y2M method and M2Y method

In SpeedCalendar, the calculation of January and February is a factor that greatly affects the calculation speed. Here, ...
1. daily technique


スピードカレンダーにおいて1月と2月の処理は計算スピードに大きく影響を与えるファクターである。ここでは(1)下二桁値→月値の順で計算するY2M法と(2)月値→下二桁値の順で計算するM2Y法の二つを紹介する。 Y2M法 この手法は下二桁値を導...