About SpeedCalendar

SpeedCalendar is an mental training activity in relation to Calendar.  We compete our speed (time) to calculate the day of the week.  This also helps our daily life.  We will not get dates mixed up any more.




Kangping leads SpeedCalendar.

He is also a chief programmer of SpeedCalendar.  He is 12 years old and he understands the basics of python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and more.  He also likes micro computers, such as Raspberry Pi, M5 stack, microbit and so on.  He is very interested in competition programming and he tries to participate in AtCoder ABC contest.  He has developed several applications for SpeedCalendar.


Kurukuru Captain/supporter

Kurukuru Captain is a supporter of SpeedCalendar.  He likes Puzzle cube and memory sports, which let him promote SpeedCalendar activity.

Terms and Conditions

See Terms and Conditions for use of SpeedCalendar.


SpeedCalendar has very close collaboration with the groups below:

Kurukurukai Puzzle cubes group (including Rubik’s cube).  Activity is held not only in Japan, but also China, Africa, and more!
Stoicer.com English and Chinese study group in Japan

And more collaboration is expected.  If you are interested in our activity, please contact us!


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