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2. Calendar knowledge

元号変換方法(Gengo – Western Year conversion method)

5.1 Manual

English calendar calculation manual (simple, 28/56/84 method) is now available

Quick manual and an academic thesis are also available.
5.2 Video

How a SpeedCalendar competitor competes in SpeedCalendar.com

SpeedCalendar technique enables an middle age man to calculate the day of the week. Younger people may conduct the calen...
5.1 Manual

[English/Japanese/Chinese] Available quick manual for calculating day of week (28/56/84 method)

You do not know how to calculate the day of the week?  Why don't you master 28/56/84 method?  It enables to calculate th...
5.2 Video

中文版星期几计算视频出来了! (SpeedCalendar instructional video in Chinese is now available!)

看完这视频后、你可以口算出来星期几! bilibili 优酷 微博 爱奇艺 Youtube
5.1 Manual

Special Tools for SpeedCalender are available now!

Summary for SpeedCalendar The card below explains the basics of SpeedCalendar. L2DV table The table below describes L2DV...
2.1 Kurukuru Method

Technique for day calculation is out! (in Japanese)

SpeedCalendar technique has been disclosed!  Enjoy!  (English version and Chinese version are coming soon.)