SpeedCalendar Regulations

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of the SpeedCalendar Regulations is to ensure a fair and equitable SpeedCalendar event.

Article 2 (Judge)

  1. The SpeedCalendar Association may grant the qualification of SpeedCalendar Judge (hereinafter referred to as “Judge”).
  2. The SpeedCalendar Association may deprive a Judge of his or her qualification if it determines that the Judge is unsuitable for the position.
  3. Judges may organize SpeedCalendar competitions.

Article 3 (Tournaments)

  1. The judges may hold online and offline competitions.
  2. A competitor may not participate in the same format of competition during a week.
  3. The competition format must meet the following conditions
    1. The competitors may select the setting of Language, Timer Display, and Week.
    2. Mode is Competition
    3. During the SpeedCalendar competition, the competitor must declare whether the measurement is an official measurement or a practice measurement before starting the measurement. If a competitor starts a measurement without declaring it as an official measurement, the measurement record will not be accepted as an official record.
    4. The judges must check the appearance of the competitor and the screen of the timer during the official measurement.
    5. If the Judge is measuring himself/herself, he/she must have another competitor check his/her appearance and the screen of the timer.
  4. The format of the competition is as follows
    1. 5 days average
      1. Competitors calculate the days of the week five times in a row, and the average of the three times, excluding the highest and lowest times, will be the record.
      2. If the answer is incorrect twice, the competitor will be declared DNF.
      3. No more than five measurements may be made in a single event.
      4. Competitors may continue the measurement after DNF.
    2. 1 minute
      1. The number of correct answers within one minute shall be the record.
      2. If there is an incorrect answer, the contestant will be declared DNF.
      3. No more than three measurements may be made in a single event.
    3. 5 days single
      1. A competition to calculate the days of the week for five different dates. The best time when all the questions are answered correctly will be the competition record.
      2. No more than 11 attempts should be made in one competition.
      3. This format is not held after 1 May 2022.

Article 4 (Disclosure of Records)

  1. Competitors who participate in the SpeedCalendar event agree that their names, event records, and images of the event will be published on the Internet.

Article 5 (Competitors)

  1. A competitor’s record will be cancelled in the following cases
    1. The competitor has done anything to degrade the dignity or authority of the SpeedCalendar in words or deeds.
    2. If the competitor is found to have cheated during the competition, or before or after the competition.

Article 6 (Enforcement)

  1. These rules shall come into effect on May 1, 2021.

Other Language

  1. Japanese
  2. Chinese
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